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Mental Health Training with BAPAM

To help creators prevent problems and build a healthy and sustainable career, BAPAM will share essential knowledge in a free online training session for Ivors Academy members.  Taking place on the 14th of September, it will cover advice and practical techniques for meeting psychological challenges, staying mentally well and maintaining creativity while working as a music professional.

BAPAM (the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine) is a medical charity, funded by the performing arts industry to provide free, expert health services to music creators and performance professionals.

Ivors Academy members are also able to access free clinical assessments for physical and mental health problems through BAPAM, their clinicians understand the demands of a creative career and will help diagnose problems and give practical advice to get you back to work effectively.  Free psychotherapy is also available to eligible music creators through BAPAM’s partnership with Help Musicians on the Music Minds Matter scheme.

If you have concerns about work-related issues such as your mental health, playing-related pain, hearing, vocal health, or returning to creative work after illness or injury, find out more at www.bapam.org.uk, or get in touch by emailing info@bapam.org.uk or calling 020 8167 4775, 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

This is a Member Only event.  To reserve your space please use this link.


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