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Business Insights: Understanding and Collecting Publishing Royalties, with Songtrust’s Lara Baker

Publishing can be a murky and hard to understand part of the business, which means many are missing out on royalties because they don’t understand how it works and how to collect what they’re due.

If you are an unpublished songwriter, the chances are you’re missing out on collecting the global publishing royalties which are generated whenever your songs are performed live, streamed, reproduced onto CDs or other physical products, played on the radio and so on.

Without a publisher, it’s near impossible to collect these royalties that are due.

Songtrust is the leading technology solution for global publishing administration, and maintains direct relationships with 50+ societies globally covering 150+ territories – the most extensive, accessible publishing network in the industry, collecting publishing royalties globally for over 300,000 songwriters and 26,000 publishers, representing a catalogue of over 2m songs.

Songtrust’s Lara Baker explains the fundamentals of publishing administration and how songwriters can collect their music publishing royalties from all over the world whilst retaining full ownership of their rights.

This event is free to attend, and you must register in advance via Zoom here.


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