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If you would like to help us secure a strong, safe future for music creators, there are several ways that you can support The Ivors Academy. Find out more about our charity, The Ivors Academy Trust, as well as our Friend, Partners and Academic Partnership programmes.

Become a Friend of The Ivors Academy

Although our membership is exclusively for music creators, we’re lucky to have a supportive wider community who believe in what they do. Our Friends of The Ivors Academy receive access to exclusive events and stay up to date with all our activity, in exchange for their annual £20 donation to our cause.

Join as a Friend

Help us to protect the future of music creation

The Ivors Academy Trust fundraises in order to support our goals. If you believe in protecting the talent and future of music creators, please consider supporting us.

Learn more about our Trust

Partner with us on our education & outreach

As the trade association for songwriters and composers, an important aim of ours is to ensure that a career in music creation is a viable path for the young, talented and ambitious people starting out today. We partner with academic institutions across the UK to deliver educational seminars from our members, as well as bespoke events relevant to each institutions’ aims and needs, so that their students are better equipped and informed to progress their music careers.

Learn more about our Academic Partnerships


Help us to continue to champion the talent behind the music the world loves. If you would like to make a donation to The Ivors Academy Trust, you can do so here.

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