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Under 25 Membership

We believe it’s vitally important for music creators to be properly represented, supported, celebrated and heard, from the very start of their careers. To help young songwriters and composers begin their careers and be part of the professional music creator community, we are delighted to discount our Standard Membership to £50 per year for Under 25s.

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The Ivors Academy Youth Council is 75% comprised of 18-24 year old representatives from our academic Partners, with 25% of its members comprised of Under 25 Standard Members of the Academy. It is an important consultative group for the Academy, to ensure that the issues that matter to the next generation of music creators are considered and represented by the Academy.

If you are an Under 25 member of the Academy and would like to find out more about the Youth Council and how to put yourself forward for it, click here.

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Under-25 Ivors Academy Board Directors Hope Winter and Imogen Williams Under-25 Board Directors Hope Winter and Imogen Williams

Represent your generation on our Board

One place on our Board is reserved for a member of the Youth Council for a one-year term. This role is a full Board Director with voting rights and attendance fees equal to those of other Board Directors. It is a fantastic opportunity for a young creator to represent their peers and ensure that their voice is heard.

Be our Rising Star

The Ivors are internationally renowned for recognising the greatest talents in songwriting and composition. The Rising Star Award with Apple Music, a category exclusively for Under 25 members of The Ivors Academy to enter. The winner will receive a year of mentorship and support from Apple Music, as well as a coveted Ivor Novello Award, putting them firmly amongst the ranks of the greatest music creators of the last 75 years.

the Rising Star Award with Apple Music

Welcome to the family

Perhaps the most powerful benefit of membership is access to the wider music-making community around you. Our society of composers and songwriters offers networking and mentoring opportunities, career development advice, and the chance to share ideas and insights with your creative colleagues. Our programme of events will allow us to gather with members and the music community across the country over the year.

Under 25 Standard Membership Benefits

As an Under 25 Standard Member, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Opportunity to join our Youth Council

    A consultative body of Under 25 members and Academic Partner representatives, who ensure the issues that matter to young creators are heard


    Access to a range of creator focused mentoring programmes

  • Opportunity to join our Board

    One member of our Youth Council will become a full Board Director of the Academy

  • Chance to be our Rising Star

    Eligibility to enter the Rising Star Award with Apple Music at The Ivors

  • Part of our network

    Join a collective of thousands of fellow music creators

  • Exclusive discounts including Apple hardware and software

    Enjoy discounts from our partners exclusively for our members, including Apple hardware and software

  • Comprehensive insurance cover

    £2 million public liability insurance; equipment and IT insurance up to £2,000, including events up to 200 people (from 1st April 2019)

  • Reduced administration fee on CopyDan income

    If you're a member, our administration fee for handling your CopyDan royalties is reduced from 10% to 8%

  • Legal referral and tax advice

    on site, including sample contracts, and via our legal referral service

  • Regular information

    from the Academy on industry news, inspirational interviews, and all our activity

  • Campaigning on your behalf

    on the issues that matter to music creators today

  • Enter the Rising Star Award with no fee

    There is no administration fee to enter the Rising Star Award for our Standard Under 25 Members


Under 25 Standard Membership is for all music creators who are, or have aspirations to be, a professional songwriter or composer.

You must be under 25 years of old when you apply; you will need to send us proof of age by email so that we can verify your membership. You will be able to eligible to renew your Under 25 Standard Membership annually until you are aged 25, after which you will be able to renew as a Standard Member at full price.

Under 25 Standard Membership costs £50 per year annually, and can be paid via Direct Debit or Stripe.

If there is a financial barrier preventing you from joining The Ivors Academy, please visit The Ivors Academy Membership Bursary Scheme webpage for more details.

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Raise your voice

Smash through ceilings. Speak for yourself. Amplify your impact.
Become an Under 25 Standard Member of The Ivors Academy today.

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