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Ahead of our rebrand, we emailed and wrote to all existing members regarding the transition of their membership. If you have not heard from us, please ensure we have your current contact information.

The Ivors Academy has two tiers of membership: Standard Members, for creators across all genres, ranging from those who have just embarked on their creator career to those experiencing growing levels of success and recognition; and Academy Members, for those creators who are making their professional living through their songwriting or composing and represent talent of the highest levels in their craft.

None of the rights of our existing members will be affected as we transition into The Ivors Academy. Your existing BASCA membership will not be affected; going forward, if you are a Professional Member of BASCA, your membership will be known as Academy Membership of The Ivors Academy. If you are a Standard Member of BASCA, your membership will be known as Standard Membership of The Ivors Academy.

For new memberships, and for existing memberships when you come to renew, our prices have been adjusted for inflation only (based on the Consumer Price Index); there is no other price increase beyond this.

Existing Digital Memberships of BASCA remain valid until the end of their current year. Digital Memberships will not auto-renew, even if you have previously chosen to opt-in to auto-renewal. Nearer to the time that your membership is due to expire, if you are a songwriter or composer, and a member of PRS for Music or an equivalent PRO, we will be inviting you to become a Standard Member of The Ivors Academy. Standard Membership of The Ivors Academy costs £92 per year, or £8 per month; there is also an Under 25 discounted Standard Membership which costs £50 per year.

We understand that Standard Membership is a larger financial commitment than your Digital Membership to date; we have tried to keep the membership fees as low as we can, and Standard Membership of The Ivors Academy has not increased in cost from Standard Membership of BASCA other than a small adjustment in line with inflation. As the independent trade association for music creators in the UK, we are entirely self-funded and rely on membership subscriptions and donations to our Trust in order to deliver our campaigning and cultivating activity.

If you are not an active music creator, but would like to continue to support the Academy, keep informed about our activities, and be able to access relevant events that we host, then we would love for you to become a Friend of The Ivors Academy, for £20 per year. Whilst our membership is exclusively for music creators, we rely on the continued support of allies throughout the music industry and the wider British public.

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