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The Ivors Academy AGM

The Ivors Academy AGM 2022 will take place at 4pm on Tuesday 20th September on Zoom. It will include an introduction and reports from our Chair and CEO, the formal order of business, and any questions you may have.

The Ivors Academy AGM, Tuesday 20th September, 4pm

The order of the AGM is: 

  • Welcome (4pm) 
  • Chair’s Introduction 
  • Acceptance of 2021 AGM Minutes  
  • Chair’s Report 
  • CEO’s Report 
  • Acceptance of 2021 Accounts and Re-appointment of Prager Metis  
  • Questions (Pre-submitted in advance) 

To register your attendance please book your place by 4pm on Sunday 18th September.  

If you are attending the AGM and would like to ask a question relating to the business of the meeting, you are required to register it in advance. Please email membership@ivorsacademy.com with your question by 4pm on Sunday 18th September – 48 hours before the meeting. 

If you can’t attend the AGM you can appoint a proxy to exercise your rights by speaking and voting on your behalf at the meeting. Please email membership@ivorsacademy.com or phone 020 7636 2929 to request a proxy form.  

Proxy forms must arrive online or by post 48 hours before the day before the meeting. Late or unsigned proxy notices, however delivered, cannot be accepted. 

Full information including all documents can be found in the members’ area 

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