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Our Policy Aims – 2019

Here are our five current policy aims which we presented to MPs, MEPs, and representatives of the House of Lords on 8th May.

Music starts with the music creator: without talented composers and songwriters, there is no great music. The music industry makes a vital contribution to the UK economy, representing £4.5 billion GDP, of which £2.5 billion from exports (2017). Creative industries are growing at twice the rate of other industries.

The Ivors Academy nurtures songwriters and composers, safeguards the value of creators’ rights and creates an environment in which they can flourish. We speak with one voice for music creators across every genre.

1 Implement The Copyright Directive

The European Copyright Directive was approved despite an unprecedented deluge of distorted public debate and undemocratic lobbying by YouTube/Google. This essential legislation is fundamental to safeguarding the livelihoods of creators. We need implementation into UK law to apply the important principles of copyright liability for platforms and greater protections for creators including fair remuneration, transparency and contract adjustment towards a flourishing future for music.

2 Take action to secure our talent pipeline

Music education is in crisis, access to a music career is becoming less diverse, fewer grassroots music venues and many finding it difficult to sustain a career from music making. People from working-class backgrounds are significantly under-represented across the sector, as are women, people with disabilities and those from BAME backgrounds. If the UK’s music industry is to continue to lead the world, we must act to make careers in music more accessible and rewarding.

3 Pay creators a fair share of online royalties

Music creators do not fairly share in the revenues being generated by their work online, music labels and artists take circa 80% of revenues, leaving publishers and creators to share in the rest. The economics of distributing music online are very different to the offline/CD world yet these old legacy models have been forced on creators online. Creators need support in securing a commensurate share of revenues which reflect their contribution to the value created.

4 End coercive commissioning practice

Whether it is broadcasters and platforms demanding creators’ publishing rights, offering low commission fees, buyouts or songwriters being expected to work for the promise of future royalties; creators are increasingly facing coercive commissioning practices across the industry. Too often they are not able to properly exert their rights.

5 Increase creator representation in the music industry

We seek greater influence and representation of music creators across the industry to safeguard the value of rights and achieve a more balanced music economy.

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