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Explore all the nominees and exclusive Ivors playlists only on Apple Music: co/TheIvors


Each playlist charts some of the most ground-breaking and influential work by British and Irish songwriters and composers. Winning an Ivor Novello Award holds a special place in music as they are judged by songwriters and composers from The Ivors Academy.

Explore works from this year’s nominees including our Rising Stars, listen to the most performed song of the year since 1956, take an audio journey through the craft of songwriting as we chart the Best Songs Musically and Lyrically, and delve into some exceptional film, TV and games scores.

The Ivors Nominees 2022

Viral anthems that introduced thrilling new talents in British music. Bold albums exploring pressing issues of our times. And compelling original scores that provided the sound tracks for some of the most talked-about TV shows, films and games of 2021.

You’ll find that – and more – in this playlist.

Rising Star Award with Apple Music Nominees

Now in its third year, the Rising Star Award with Apple Music helps discover, support, and accelerate the careers of the most promising songwriters in the UK and Ireland. Listen to music from this year’s all-female list of nominees – Ashaine White, Luz, Matilda Mann, Naomi Kimpenu and PinkPantheress.

This playlist gives you a taste of why they are rising to the top.



The Academy introduced this category in 1984, and each year it is judged by a different panel of Academy invited music creators.

Specifically acknowledging songs written by British and Irish songwriters, the award for Best Contemporary Song celebrates originality in songwriting, with particular focus on songs that captured the moment or pushed musical boundaries when they were released.


This award recognises exceptional original music for motion pictures, composed by British or Irish composers. It was first bestowed on the late British composer Philip Green for his score to the 1956 comedy drama The March Hare. It has since acknowledged iconic score to films such as The Piano, Gandhi, and Atonement, through to lesser known treasures. All are equally deemed as masterpieces in the eyes of our judges, who are a panel of Academy invited screen composers.

This playlist includes those winning scores currently available on Apple Music.


The Academy has presented an Ivor Novello Award for the Best Song Musically and Lyrically since 1956, and each year the category is judged by a different panel of Academy invited music creators.

Specifically acknowledging songs written by British and Irish songwriters, the award celebrates craft with focus on melody, lyrics, harmony, and structure.


This award, for outstanding original composition for a televised broadcast, acknowledges music that was deemed by our judges to enhance the programme’s visual content and narrative.

It specifically recognises music written by British or Irish composers, and past winners have included Sir John Dankworth, George Fenton, Richard Rodney Bennett and Martin Phipps.

This playlist includes those winning soundtracks currently available on Apple Music.


At the very first Ivor Novello Awards in 1956 an award was presented to the Best Selling and Most Performed Song of the Year by British or Irish songwriters. From 1961 Best-selling and most performed songs were acknowledged by different categories. This playlist charts the Most Performed Works; songs that received the most performances, either live or broadcast, during each year according to data at PRS for Music.

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